Project Description

On behalf of our client, we prepared an application to amend the existing design of the 5 x 2 Storey Detached Medium Density Development, and Strata Subdivision, approved by D.A. 2006.226.1 dated 21st November 2006, on Lot 1 D.P. 746326 number 46 Armstrong Street Suffolk Park, which has an area of 4,538.02m2.

This previous Development Application was for the construction of 5 x 2 Storey Detached Medium Density Dwellings, and Strata Subdivision of the site, however it involved road works, requiring the removal of trees in the west of the site, and high maintenance timber buildings. The existing DA obtained approval for 5 Bush Pavilion style houses. The amended design proposes to replace these designs with five highly original, site specific, contemporary dwellings, with a strong emphasis on solar passive efficiency and green living principles, as well as reducing the extent of road works and retaining more of the existing trees on site. The road layout remains similar, the buildings occupy the same locations within the site, and the buildings are approximately the same size as those approved as detailed in the following table.

On this basis the proposal comprises the SAME Development.

2 [A]263m2322m2526m2622m2
3 [B]304m2298m2614m2548m2
4 [C]307m2285m2617m2569m2
5 [D]300m2289m2600m2580m2
6 [E]258m2242m2516m2510m2

The new dwellings proposed are designed to take advantage of the natural features of the site, and to afford neighbours greater levels of privacy than the designs previously approved. Both external and internal orientation of the new designs demonstrate careful consideration of both the neighbours and resident’s privacy issues.

The previous designs had many balconies from the primary living areas impacting close to the boundaries, and would have dramatically decreased the neighbours privacy.

The proposed designs have a strong emphasis on ground level living areas shielded by courtyard walls.

There will be a much reduced sense of visual intrusion, as the new designs have more streamlined, less visually bulky roofs, and are pulled further back from the boundaries.

There will be a greater variety of designs, and a far more interesting external presentation, with greater variety of materials and more interesting architectural features.

Filtered natural light through the well treed site will cast shade patterns onto feature walls and reduce further the visual impact of the new homes.

Compared with the currently approved designs, with their large overhangs and wooden construction, these new houses will offer good thermal properties in winter with large windows allowing good sun penetration onto concrete slabs, whilst their eaves and balconies give good protection from the summer sun.

All the houses will enjoy a measure of protection from the western sun due to the retention of existing mature trees, and meet Basix requirements with smaller glass areas and larger overhangs on the western side. (See Annexed Basix Certificates and Elevation Plans)

It is proposed that each dwelling will have solar hot water systems, providing approximately 90% of hot water needs.

The DA approved external water tanks will be replaced by a bladder system installed under the slab of each house, with greater capacity and no visual intrusion.

All previously requested landscaping requirements will be fulfilled, with the previously approved plan to be followed. Again this is for the Same Development.

The approved DA has a designated car turning area at the extreme western end of the block. This is a cramped configuration, requiring the removal of four mature trees, and requires vehicles to bring noise and visual intrusion to the far reaches of the site in order to turn. This is to the detriment of both the site occupants and neighbours to the west and south.

A far more efficient hammerhead configuration is proposed, more centrally positioned within the site. The result of this is that engine and headlight intrusion will be reduced, and four trees can be retained adding to neighbours privacy.

All parking requirements for residents and visitors are met as per the existing DA.

A major feature of this development is the retention of the small forest of trees flanking the driveway, and shielding much of the proposed works from the road.

New design features within the landscape treatment of the site will be the construction of 2 metre high pillars from natural stone and rendered block, on each side of the driveway, with a small rendered block work letterbox, and within the site, a wheelie bin enclosure for 10 bins, also to be constructed from rendered block work, also incorporating hardwood timber slats.

The alterations to the site layout do not alter the nature of the consent, and the 5 x 2 Storey Detached Medium Density Dwellings, and Strata Subdivision, is the Same Development as previously approved, but with better design, energy efficiency, and tree retention outcomes.

The overall proposal will still result in the same approval as D.A. 2006.226.1 dated 21st. Nov. 2006 i.e. 5 x 2 Storey Detached Medium Density Dwelling Development, and Strata Subdivision.